Job title: Level 1/2 Support Engineer
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary from: AUD $60,000.00
Salary to: AUD $85,000.00
Job published: 18 Nov 2022
Job ID: 32358

Job Description

Day to day you'll be supporting users remotely or onsite at client's premises. Mentorship through senior engineers working alongside you.

  • Supportive environment for increasing certifications and career progression
  • Individual training and development plan
  • Paid over time when required either 1.5x or 2x your rate.

"We want to help improve our team’s resumes so they can hit their career goals, but treat them well enough that they want to succeed here." 

This is what the Operations Manager of my client said to me. I know him personally, he doesn't lie to me.

If you're a level 1 - 2 support engineer and are feeling a bit stuck or bored and don't know how to move to the next level, then we should talk. 

There's only so many password resets you can do before you start reaching for the two matchsticks you use to prop your eyes open. (Why haven't they implemented that self service password reset project yet anyway?) If you want to work on more modern IT systems at different types of business and grow your skillset accordingly, consider this role. 

You're after a degree of autonomy right? You want to be able to complete your own tickets on servers, networks, cloud environments or desktops without being limited by your login. If you can fix it, you want to be able to, rather than having to escalate it just because that's the rules. Having said that, you want to know that help is available when you need it, not just escalating something into the Level 3 ether never to hear how or if it was resolved. Never learning what you need to know to become a level 3.  

Culture is king here.. it's

  • Heavily focused around teamwork 
  • Serious about Professional Development - team goals are set and management supports the teams to reach them. They also pay for training that will advance your career. 
  • Growth is happening - they're at 14 people and growing fast, growth mindsets are fueling that. 

I work with a lot of MSPs in Perth, I think I've seen it all and I have a pretty good idea of the nuances of each of them. This one is all about the team and teamwork. You won't be taken advantage of. Management will have your back.  Your team will have your back. They want you to succeed and grow into a better more skilled and more rounded IT engineer. They don't expect excessive after hours work and when it is required they will pay you at time and a half or double time for it. You will find work and life balance here.

This role is for a Belmont based MSP that look after small and medium sized businesses. So the work is fun and challenging and you'll learn a lot in a short amount of time. This is more of a support role with some site work and projects to be involved with as well. So you'll get face time with clients, you will get out of the office and you will be expected to be professional in manner and presentation. 

The fun tech stuff, most of which is needed –

  • Windows Desktops in AD environments
  • Windows Server 2008 - 2019
  • Exchange 2013, Office 365 - admin/support/migrations
  • Active Directory, GP, Microsoft SQL
  • Hyper V, Terminal Server, VPNs
  • Switches, Routers exposure

My client wants MSP experience. Sorry. I can't help it, they just do. It's the whole multi client, time billing thing which many IT people find hard to adjust to coming from internal environments. But here's the thing. Keep this on the quiet, hopefully they don't read my ads. If you've got some good skills and you feel you're a great fit for the role but for the MSP experience.. apply anyway and leave it with me. I mean, make your case, tell me how good you are and why you can knock it out of the park at an MSP. If we chat and I agree, then I'll go into bat for you. Using all my powers of persuasion, putting my reputation on the line for you.. sort of bloke I am. ;-) 

Some people call the below soft skills - I don't know why. We need these though:

  • A warm yet professional phone manner with a genuine customer service focus.
  • Own the problem - talk to the client, keep them updated
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills - be good with people. Like them a whole lot. 
  • Ability to work in a team... and get on well with everyone. But speak up - don't just be a 'yes' man. 
  • A broad skill set and up to date knowledge of infrastructure, comms and business systems/applications. You are a techie right!?
  • Be rigorous in managing daily tasks. Including monitoring management system alerts,  
  • A willingness to learn - probably the most important part. You can be taught what you don't know. 
  • Contribute high quality documentation. (Yes, sorry - I know you're a techie but it's part of the job).
  • MSP experience and knowledge in MSP tools (ConnectWise, Kaseya, Nable, ScreenConnect, any of these) are highly desirable. (Psst.. see para above)

There's a lot more I could say about this place.. like they have an annual survey to find out where you're at and help your career to stay on track as well as keep them honest. They invest in their staff paying for courses in management or technical areas as appropriate as you get more focused and technical. They have an on-call roster where you can earn extra money to be available to take calls after hours, about 1 week every 2 months. 

This place is well structured, professional and pleasant, modern office environment.. not a cowboy operation. You will be looked after. 

So challenge me - hit me with your resumes people.. prove to me you have what it takes.

If you have got this far and still don't think it's for you – follow our blog at for the latest updates on jobs, candidate tips and just some generally interesting IT work life stuff. And connect with me on Linkedin and sign up to my email list. I dribble all sorts of helpful stuff there too. 

Daniel Linden and the team @ Transparency