Job title: Service Delivery Coordinator
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary from: AUD $85,000.00
Salary to: AUD $100,000.00
Location: Bibra Lake, WA
Job published: 28 Feb 2024
Job ID: 32416

Job Description

Fulfillment, purpose, excellence, meaningful. What do you want out of your work life? I don't have a cruisey, watch the clock and try and fill in the time kind of a role for you. But I can offer a role that I'd call both a lynch pin and a stepping stone. 

As a lynch pin this role holds the whole organisation together. Connecting the prized engineers with the admin team and the clients. As a stepping stone - it's your entry into management. They'll even give you a Service Delivery Manager title. 

I'm looking for love.
Or rather someone that has a great love of
1. People and 
2. Organising things.... and sometimes organising people too. 

Technical craftsmen is what I like to call them. If you like excellence and a job done well, and constant repeat clients who appreciate that you are genuinely a step above the rest when it comes to delivering IT projects, then you'll love the culture here. You know that feeling you get when you work with a team of people that are just really switched on and know their stuff? That's this place. If you want to lead a team like that from a service delivery perspective, then apply. If you are not sure yet then read on or reach out to me and we can have a confidential chat. Daniel Linden - 0414864050

Given my client is an IT projects company, this role is about coordinating people and processes so clients get the IT service and projects delivered that they're expecting and engineers account for their time properly so it can all be billed in the right way.

One part Service Management, one part Project Management, with a small sprinkling of Account Management. 

If you salivate when I say words like systemise, order, efficiency, marshall, methodise and you're in your element creating order out of chaos. Then this is for you. Not that the environment is chaotic, they're actually well structured and highly profitable but you'll have your work cut out keeping tabs on 13 project engineers and several support technicians as you become the key person who is across everything. 

Typical tasks include

  • Ensure all timesheets are completed daily. 
  • Review the time entries against managed contracts and block hour agreements to ensure they are accurate and fair. 
  • Ensure technical resources are recording their time to the correct agreements. 
  • Manage the escalation process of tickets throughout the team. 
  • Oversee all project delivery from Design, Implementation and hand over. 
  • Ensure Accounts are notified on completion of all engagements – so that projects can be invoiced upon completion.
  • Ensure regular project updates are going out for all open projects.
  • Ensure projects are being completed within the hours budgeted.
  • Ensure the monitoring platform and alerts mailbox are being addressed and actioned.
  • Maintain the After-Hours schedule.
  • Meet with some customers from time to time and obtain feedback

As this is a new role in the company, you'll get to stamp your mark on it and shape it to suit you.

Work Environment

The office is based in Bibra Lake. It's a friendly but excellence based environment. These guys hire smart people and then get out of the way and let them do their jobs. They are highly respected in their field and their field is enterprise level IT projects. Client sizes are from 500 - 5000 users for the most part and they don't advertise or do any marketing, they win all their work on the basis of the quality of their IT engineers. And I placed a lot of them, so I know they're good. And they keep growing.

This isn't a work from home role, plenty of face time in the office is required to build and maintain the relationships and keep visible. They are flexible around start and end times during the work day though, or working from home on days when you might have to meet workmen or have an appointment. 

If this sounds like you, or you want some more information, apply or reach out to me directly. 

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