Job title: IT Coordinator - Internal
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Salary from: AUD $75,000.00
Salary to: AUD $120,000.00
Location: Midvale
Job published: 03 Nov 2022
Job ID: 32352

Job Description

This is one of those rare internal IT Coordinator roles. A great role to learn some IT management skills that will set any one up for an long career in IT management. 

The company has 250 staff with the head office in the eastern suburbs of Perth and sites in rural WA. They currently don't have any internal IT staff and this role is designed to be the coordinator for support and projects between the company and their MSP. It will include some internal projects and hands and feet physical sort of work to do with computer set ups and deployments, which the MSP wouldn't do as they're not located on site. 

Most IT people will love this role if they like having control over an entire IT environment, and like to go deep with one system and set of technology. There won't be a lot of low level support tickets to deal with as the MSP will do that, there will be new computer and laptop set ups though. One job you could implement straight away would be to script the installation of new users and computers through the tools available through M365 and the MSP. 

Coordindation Tasks

  • Vendor management - the MSP, perhaps telcos and comms providers etc.
  • Project Coordination - working with the MSP on migration and infrastructure projects 
  • Requirements gathering - looking for opportunities where users can work more efficiently
  • IT roadmap - suggesting projects that can be done over time to help the company to run better 
  • Business systems review - be across the various software systems in use and suggest ways to improve their use or to integrate them with other systems. 
  • Procurement - reviewing and approving new purchases of tech equipment

Technical Tasks

  • M365 management of users, security and devices
  • Active Directory - security and access management, cleaning up old user accounts
  • New user and computer configurations
  • Physically installing new IT devices when required, switches, routers, desktops
  • Understanding security and risk and helping educate users
  • Upgrading of internal software
  • Help with ERP system at a technical level as needed, liaise with vendor 
  • MDM through airwatch or intune (general admin and monitoring type tasks)
  • Some knowledge of networking would be handy

Most importantly you'll need to be able to work autonomously and manage yourself. You'll need to be able to work with an external MSP although you will report directly to the CFO. Maturity is key. This is not a role for someone who needs to be told what to do all day. Proactive, self managed, someone who can manage change with users and management, that level of maturity is what is required. 

If you're interested please apply with your CV or Linkedin profile. If you'd prefer to talk to me about it first, please email me (Daniel Linden) on or call or sms on 0414864050 

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